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Episode 1 - 1925 - «Family party»

Natanel Mermelstein sits alone in the Hotel Excelsior - on the first day of Channuka, the Jewish festival of lights and family celebrations. His son died in the First World War, his wife passed away shortly afterwards: today Natanel is constantly traveling to foreign places to sell his company and get rid of his past. He believes the war will come again. Until his daughter Leah suddenly appears in his hotel room. She doesn't want to lose her last piece of family. But why does she suddenly want to celebrate Christmas?



A story about humanity and fateful family happiness.

Written by: M. Skalsky

Episode 3 - 1993 - «The Band after Tomorrow»

It was a long time ago that Chris and Abby stood nervously in a run-down room of the "Hotel Excelsior", fearing for the success of their first show. Twenty years have passed since then. The band has celebrated great successes and have established themselves as the ever-drinking, aggressive bullies of the rock'n'roll scene. When they are interviewed in the same hotel room on the occasion of their new album, their image is shaken. Now the band members’ true selves are revealed. They turn out to be normal people who simply no longer have the desire or energy to live the rock'n'roll lifestyle. But what would the fans say about this change?

Written by J. Moravec

Episode 2 - 1976 - «Nextdoor»

Katja checked into the room to take her own life. As she prepares an envelope with money for the person who will find her, she is interrupted by Livia, who is seeking refuge from her drunk and angry boyfriend Ronny. While they are waiting together for Ronny to fall asleep, Livia finds out what Katja is up to. The two women, who meet each other in such a vulnerable moment, find a connection that will change their outlook on life.

Written by: L. Ott


Episode 4 - 2023 - «Callboy»

Fariba, a young woman with Iranian roots, hires callboy Dave with a hidden scheme: He is to appear as her fiancé in front of her parents. The deeper Dave is drawn into this role, the more complex the demands become. Discussions about his fee arise as he realizes the true implications of his role. "Callboy" is a Comedy that humorously explores cultural conflicts and the pursuit of happiness.

Written by: T. Hamzavi

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